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Group Distribution
Our company currently has 15 agents in Africa.There are 40 resident engineers and 20 business managers located in our branches and offices who are there to support agents and meet customer demands. 
Zoomlion's turnover in Africa is more than US$ 65 million. Zoomlion's reliable product quality and excellent after-sales service in Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana and other important markets has earned the company a good reputation and large market share. 


Our company has subsidiaries in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya, as well as offices in Algeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia and Angola. 


Zoomlion's sales network and spare parts centers in Africa


To date, Zoomlion products have been used in the construction of the Algeria East-West Highway, the Grand Mosque project in Algeria, housing projects in Angola and a light rail project and a hydropower project in Nigeria. 
Zoomlion currently plays an important role in a number of large projects in African countries. We are helping to improve the infrastructure and develop the economy of Africa, and helping African countries toward a better life and future. 
Zoomlion products in Africa


Desert area

Major Events
- Zoomlion at a construction trade show in Libya in 2013

- Training program for agent engineers and customers



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