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Local Team Introduction 

Our company has a team of nearly 90 people in the Americas, of which nearly 70 work in Brazil. The team in Brazil consists mainly of local service engineers, sales staff, marketing professionals, financial officers, managers, etc. About 20 service and sales personnel work in parts of the Americas outside Brazil. 

Since 2008, Zoomlion has flourished in the American market thanks to the quality of its products and service, with sales of more than 1,000 pieces of equipment. In order to meet growing demand from local customers, Zoomlion has established and put into operation a 10,000 m² assembly plant and parts center in Brazil. 
Zoomlion local sales and service content: our company currently has 16 agents in the Americas region, and products are distributed in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and other countries. 

Local Construction Projects

Approximately 50 Zoomlion tower cranes are involved in local government housing projects in Venezuela. 
Since 2011, when our first tower crane arrived in Colombia, due to the excellent quality, superior performance and prompt service that come with Zoomlion products, our customer has ordered two more tower cranes for use in the construction of an important bridge in the department of Santander. 


Local Activities
Brazil's Belo Monte Dam Project
Through the tireless efforts of Zoomlion's sales team and agents, a number of pieces of Zoomlion equipment, specifically excavators, bulldozers and truck cranes, are active on the world's third largest and Brazil's largest construction site—the Belo Monte dam.



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