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As the first construction machinery exhibiting hall in China, Zoomlion Construction Machinery Museum is jointly built by China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Hunan Provincial Architectural Design Institute, is a theme museum of construction machinery. 
The museum has 4 floors and covers an area of 10,000 square meters. It consists of 5 sections: Lobby, History of the Industry, Power of Thoughts, Imagination of Future and Epilogue. With the theme of “Vision Creates Future”, Zoomlion Construction Machinery Museum reviews the history of global construction machinery and envisions its future development trend. Meanwhile, Zoomlion’s notion that “vision guides development” is presented from multiple aspects.
Exhibition Highlights


For 5,000 years, human civilization has experienced the change brought by technology.
From simple tools used in construction of the pyramids and the Great Wall to future construction machinery dedicated to living space expansion (the universe, underground or deep sea), technology has always been the driving force for the progress of human society.
From Zoomlion’s first concrete pump and Zoomlion-CIFA carbon fiber boom to its six milestone innovative products, Zoomlion has achieved innovative development in the building of a beautiful world.
In the lobby,“Multi-media Megaplayer” impressively presents the theme of “Vision creates future”. “3D Factory Tour” accesses visitors to the three-dimensional scene of advanced construction machinery production lines. “Simulate Operation” and “Spectra Vision Sand Table” enable visitors to experience construction machinery in person. “360° Cinema” plays a video of construction machinery building a better homeland for human beings, arousing sense of responsibility and mission among the visitors…
Section Summary
Lobby emphasizes on the theme of “Made in Zoomlion, Made for World”. Artistic multi-media devices are used to display Zoomlion’s idea of “Thoughts link world, vision creates future”.


History of the Industry
History of the Industry traces back on the origin and development of world construction machinery, introduces the status quo of world and China’s construction machinery and offers the visitors a good chance to experience the machines through innovative products exhibition and simulate operation.


Power of Thoughts
Power of Thoughts gives a comprehensive illustration of Zoomlion’s philosophy of “Inclusiveness, Sharing, Responsibility” and its core culture of “Fully actualized sincerity, far-reaching and long-lasting”.
Imagination of Future
Imagination of Future presents the different concepts concerning future construction machinery, which are based upon future development of human society. By virtue of these imagined scenes of construction machinery working in the universe, under the ground and in the deep sea, it expresses the vision of building a beautiful future with technological innovation.
Epilogue, taking the form of a kaleidoscope, is the section where visitors make their own imagination of future construction machinery and conclude this visual journey.

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