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Local Team Introduction

Zoomlion entered the Central Asian market in 2005. The company set up offices in Kazakhstan in 2008 and in Mongolia in 2014, and expects to set up a subsidiary in Kazakhstan by the end of 2014. Zoomlion currently has 20 members of staff stationed in Central Asia. In recent years, thanks to the continuous efforts of its employees, Zoomlion's market share in Central Asia has gradually increased, while its brand image and effect have become more noticeable, putting it at the forefront of the local construction machinery industry. Zoomlion's main products by sales in the Central Asia region include large-scale machinery and equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, truck-mounted pumps, tower cranes and truck cranes. 

The Central Asia region has mainly adopted a product line sales model, which includes four main product lines: construction cranes, mobile cranes, concrete machinery and earthmoving equipment. There is also a sales department that works on each of the product lines. The following is specific information regarding each line of products:
1. Construction Cranes: The main products by sales are tower cranes and construction hoists. The Central Asian sales network is centered on Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The company has made impressive achievements in product sales, service and training in this area, and has been highly praised by customers. 
2. Mobile Cranes: The main products by sales are truck cranes, rough terrain cranes, all-terrain cranes and crawler cranes. There are three sales agents for this line of products in Central Asia, located in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, and they have established good relationships with individual clients. 
3. Concrete Machinery: The main products by sales are truck-mounted pumps, mixing trucks, concrete mixing transport trucks,truck-mounted mixers with boom pumps and city pumps. This product line has been divided into two sales networks centered on Mongolia and Kazakhstan. There are four sales agents in Mongolia, and three in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, namely Xinjiang Deruixiang Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Yhlas Kagyz, and Xinjiang Zhengyuan Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. 
4. Earthmoving Equipment: The main products by sales are excavators, bulldozers and transportation vehicles. Currently, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan each have one sales agent for this line of products, who have established sound partnerships with other countries.
5. Service Department: The service department consists of four technical staff, who are primarily responsible for providing pre-sales, sales and after-sales services in Mongolia and five Central Asian countries. The department specializes in the repair and maintenance of earthmoving, construction hoist and road equipment, as well as customer training, and has offices in Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, with personnel often stationed elsewhere to provide services in a timely manner and maintain Zoomlion's brand image.

Local Construction Projects

Zoomlion concrete equipment is involved in the new airport project in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
In 2013, Zoomlion concrete equipment was used in the construction of the Khöshig Valley Airport project in Mongolia's capital, Ulaanbaatar. The project is being funded by Japan and is one of Mongolia's national key projects. Total investment in the project is about US$ 2 billion, which includes the new international airport and Mongolia's first expressway—the new Airport Expressway. Japan's Prime Minister personally oversaw the start of work on the project on March 31, 2013, and the work is due to be completed in three years.


During the construction process, Zoomlion's engineers and technicians have worked under demanding conditions to overcome difficulties and ensure the successful completion of the project. Mongolia's alpine environment has tested Zoomlion's construction machinery and technical staff, particularly the quality of hydraulic systems. Except while changing the low-temperature hydraulic oil and adding antifreeze,Zoomlion's products have constantly worked on the front line, illustrating the true strength of the Zoomlion brand.

Local Activities

1. Zoomlion products have taken part in Chinese product exhibitions as well as mining and construction machinery exhibitionsin Kazakhstan;
2. Zoomlion products have taken part in large-scale international machinery exhibitions in Kazakhstan and Mongolia;   
  3. Zoomlion has held promotional seminars with customers in Kazakhstan and other places; 
4. Zoomlion has provided customers with training in Kazakhstan and other places;   
5. Zoomlion has provided dealers in Uzbekistan with equipment inspections and training.


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