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         Founded in 1992, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd. is mainly engaged in developing and manufacturing major high-tech equipment for infrastructure construction in the areas of building, energy, environmental, and transport engineering, and it is a continuously innovating global enterprise. Since it was founded 22 years ago, Zoomlion has had a compound annual average growth rate of over 50%, making it the world's fastest growing construction machinery company. The company has independent intellectual property rights in 13 major categories and 86 product lines, as well as nearly 800 leading products, and it has the most complete global product chain of any construction machinery company. The company ranks among the world's best in two business segments: concrete machinery and hoisting machinery. Zoomlion has registered capital of RMB 7.706 billion and employs nearly 30,000 people. In 2013, Zoomlion's various operating units generated revenue of nearly RMB 80 billion, with profits of nearly RMB 9 billion.


       Zoomlion has manufacturing bases around the world. China hosts 13 of the company’s large industrial and technological parks: the Zoomlion Science and Technology Park and industrial parks in Lugu, Wangcheng, Quantang, Guanxi, Hanshou, Deshan, Jinshi, Yuanjiang, Weinan, Huayang (Huashan), and Shanghai (Songjiang). Zoomlion also has the CIFA Industrial Park in Italy and industrial parks in India and Brazil. The company has subsidiaries in more than 40 countries around the world, as well as marketing and research institutes creating value for customers on six continents and in more than 80 countries, giving it a complete sales network and strong service system with worldwide coverage.


       Zoomlion is China's first construction machinery company to be listed on both the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges. In the future, the company plans to use capital as a link to strengthen integration of overseas resources and market investments. It will establish more comprehensive spare parts centers in Europe, South Asia, and West Asia; more advanced manufacturing centers in Europe, West Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and North America; and establish research centers closer to customers in Europe, South America, South Asia, and East Asia. In 2013, Zoomlion made major adjustments to its development strategy, expanding its focus from developing merely its construction machinery sector to developing five sectors simultaneously, namely the construction machinery, agricultural machinery, sanitation, heavy trucks, and financial sectors.


    Since Zoomlion went public, it has been one of the best performers on the Shanghai and...


    Since Zoomlion went public, it has been one of the best performers on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets. In 2012, thanks to the company's outstanding corporate governance, Zoomlion won its fifth Golden Roundtable Award for having the best board of directors. Zoomlion is the only enterprise in the Chinese construction machinery industry to have won this award, and the company has now won more times than any other company listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. 2013, Zoomlion was ranked 779th on the Forbes Global 800. Zoomlion is now the world's sixth largest and China's largest construction machinery company. Zoomlion has been praised for its development achievements by party and state leaders in China. Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Wang Qishan, and other state leaders have all personally visited the company. While they all affirmed Zoomlion's achievements, they also placed high expectations on the company's future development. Zoomlion will continue to promote "change" and "internationalization." It will also strive to achieve rapid development amid a constantly changing industry structure and to create a world-class equipment manufacturer. 



    As a research institute that became an enterprise, Zoomlion...


    As a research institute that became an enterprise, Zoomlion continuously promotes reform and has created positive institutional mechanisms for research to support industry and industry to finance research, making it a model for the reform of state-owned research institutes. As a listed company that has established a modern enterprise system, through shake ups and acquisitions, Zoomlion has participated in the reform, reorganization, and transformation of traditional state-owned enterprises and has achieved dual economic and social benefits by introducing new mechanisms and technology to old companies. In the latest round of reforms following the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth CPC Central Committee, Zoomlion was put forward as an example of mixed ownership by the State Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. 
    Zoomlion pioneered the integration of China's construction machinery industry and overseas resources. Using capital leverage the company has integrated high-quality assets on a global scale to achieve rapid expansion and built a global manufacturing, sales, and service network. To date, Zoomlion has been involved in three domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, all of which have achieved remarkable results. Of these, the purchase in 2008 of the world's third largest concrete machinery manufacturer, CIFA of Italy, made Zoomlion a pioneer and leader in the internationalization of China's construction equipment, and it now serves as a classic case of a merger and integration in the classrooms of Harvard University.



    The core concept in Zoomlion's corporate culture is that...

    The core concept in Zoomlion's corporate culture is that "if an enterprise is always sincere, then it must be profound and long standing." Sincerity is, therefore, at the heart of all the company's undertakings and is its fundamental value. With this core concept in mind, Zoomlion has created a culture of "one element, two dimensions, three justice, four ethic, five mentality, six diligence, seven capability, eight virtue." In the process of internationalization, Zoomlion is constantly innovating and enriching its corporate culture. In the process of integrating overseas resources, Zoomlion has relied on the concepts of “tolerance, sharing, and responsibility” to win recognition and respect from the international community. Italian President Giorgio Napolitano personally presented the International Leonardo Award to Zoomlion Chairman Zhan Chunxin, which has helped to give all Chinese companies a new international image. 

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