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Local Team Introduction

Since entering the Russian market in 2006, Zoomlion has viewed Russia as a key market for development. In 2009, Zoomlion established an international trading company and a financial services subsidiary in Russia. Zoomlion currently employs nearly 30 Russian and Chinese personnel in Russia. In 2013, Zoomlion set up an office that combines operations management, product demonstrations and training services in Moscow. It also established a parts logistics center for the whole of Russia in order to improve the efficiency of supplying parts and build a local personnel team. 
The market share of Zoomlion construction machinery in Russia has increased each year, and its brand is gradually gaining recognition. Zoomlion achieved sales revenue of RMB 92.48 million in 2011, RMB 170 million in 2012 and RMB 510 million in 2013. 
The market share of Zoomlion construction machinery in Russia has increased each year, and its brand is gradually gaining recognition. The main products by sales in Russia are truck-mounted pumps, truck cranes, rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes, bulldozers, excavators and tower cranes. Taking into account the strong market demand in Russia and the increased investment in Russia by the world's major companies, combined with Zoomlion's overall strategy of developing internationally, the company is conducting investigations and research into the Russian market environment and investment policies, and has already proposed a schedule for building a factory in the country. 
Russian Product Line
Construction Cranes:There is one engineer, two salespeople and one official exclusive agent for Zoomlion's construction crane product line in Russia. The main products by sales in this line are tower cranes. The expansion of sales and the service network is mainly reliant on Itirus, which has its own sales and service agencies in Russia's major cities. Training of the agent's sales and service teams has been carried out. To date, 22 tower cranes have been sold in 2014 in Moscow and the south. 
Environmental and Sanitation Vehicles: There is one salesperson and currently no engineers or distributors for the environmental and sanitation vehicle product line in Russia. 
Mobile Cranes: There are engineers and sales staff stationed in Moscow, Blagoveshchensk and Novosibirsk, as well as three border trade agents and one local agent, providing sales and service coverage for the whole of Russia. There are also parts warehouses in Moscow and Blagoveshchensk, and a central parts warehouse in Harbin, China that serves Russia, all of which guarantee quick access to spare parts in Russia. A 24-hour service hotline has been set up in Moscow to deal with customer queries in a timely manner and relay customer requirements. All 25-ton, 30-ton and 55-ton truck cranes come with OTTC certification, and the full range of crawler cranes and rough terrain cranes come with Russian certification. 
Concrete Machinery: There are three engineers and five salespeople for Zoomlion's concrete machinery product line in Russia. Zoomlion Products Bought in Russia: approximately 600 mixer trucks, 100 truck-mounted pumps, 100 portable pumps, seven batching plants and 10 placing booms.

Local Construction Projects

Construction Cranes: 15 Zoomlion tower cranes are being used on multiple construction projects by an end customer, Urban, in Moscow. Zoomlion's tower cranes have had their configuration optimized and been upgraded in response to requests from the end customer, which have been well received. The service team has methodically carried out service management work for each customer. 


Earthmoving machinery, mobile cranes and pile driving machinery were used on the Khabarovsk–Vladivostok highway.
In 2012 and 2013, four Zoomlion rotary drills (ZR220C and ZR280C) were used in the construction of the A370 section of the M60 Russian federal highway from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok. The ZR220C and ZR280C are two of Zoomlion's finest products known for their reliable quality. They also come with professional after-sale service to guarantee customers have a positive user experience
Photos of the construction site
Concrete Machinery: Zoomlion portable pumps and truck-mounted pumps played an important part in construction projects for the Winter Olympics in Sochi and were praised by construction units for being able to work continuously for seven hours at a time.

Local Activities
On June 3-7, 2014, Zoomlion, together with a number of agents, attended the CTT Moscow exhibition, whichallowed customers to see for themselves the quality of Zoomlion equipment and led to deals after the exhibition. 
On June 5, 2014, Zoomlion met with a number of agents and end customers at the opening ceremony of the Moscow Greenwood business center during the CTT Moscow exhibition, and showed them PPT and video presentations to impress upon them the high quality of Zoomlion equipment and help them understand the Zoomlion group. 
CTT Moscow 2013

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